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a commercial holiday made up by women who couldn't deal with the fact that there's no holiday between christmas and easter.
valentines day made the entire population of non-commercial people feel like shit.
by katy February 14, 2004
1. a male bitch.
2. a male who goes through pms
fcuk you he-bitch!
by katy January 19, 2004
A person, paid or unpaid, who writes. See literature for infomation on what writers do. A writer is one who uses words as a form of creative expression.
A sign of a writer is inventing stories about the people you see, no matter where you are.
by Katy December 25, 2003
Sexual arousal from urine or urination
Her desire to wet her pants stemmed from her urolagnia
by Katy May 11, 2003
Every different person will have their opinion on this, so listing off a bunch of movies that you personally didn't like won't really do anything. However- Tom Green has admitted that he when made Freddy Got Fingered, he was trying to make it horrible, disgusting, and offensive, and when he won the award for "Worst movie in the World" he exclaimed "This is what I was hoping for all along! Thank you!" At least most people, when making a motion picture, try not to be revolting.
Why can't we agree that everyone is entitles to their own opinions?
"I think that Freddy got Fingered is the worst movie of all time."
by Katy December 26, 2003
Some who is mean and nasty
Bin Ladden
by Katy June 04, 2003
Area between your belly button and your nipples. This word was invented by Blair because she relalised one day in art class that the region in question had no name.. She felt sorry for it. So she named it. And it was potomas.
Ex. Pain is released because your potomus hits the table or desk. And you hit it and it hurts. It's because of insufficent 1337|\|355
Ex: My potomus is killing due to 1337 overload!
by Katy January 25, 2005
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