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A young woman who is so beautiful & full of life, that everyone she meets cant wait to see her again.
"Precious stone"
by Katrina November 19, 2003
short for "good one". used sarcastically when someone does foolish or embarrassing. often used in response to a stupid question.
"do you think willium's hit puberty yet jeff?"
"g.o... look at him"
by Katrina April 15, 2005
A big group of people(usually black people) hangin together or traveling somewhere where they can be noticed.
by Katrina December 23, 2004
awww, deepti is juss 2 cute!!!
by Katrina September 05, 2003
Something that must be worn with a sporty frock coat, preferably by a nervous, pacing fellow named Dennis.
Ye arrive at DENNIS....obvious exits are NOT DENNIS.
by Katrina January 28, 2004
Wilco definitely kicks ass. They are, as already said, an alt-country band that sort of leans more to either side depending on the album. Fabulous fabulous music, and for it Jeff Tweedy and the boys are fairly well known among people who bother to find music that's not overplayed on MTV. I rather do prefer Summerteeth meself.
Wilco kicks huge ass. This 'Ben' fellow rules.
by Katrina January 28, 2004
A type of cotton fabric embroidered with small holes in it--sometimes at the center of embroidered flowers.
"She wore an eyelet dress to the party."
by Katrina February 14, 2005
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