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A word used to express extreme excitement, usually followed by a swift fist pump. Can also be used to agree with someone who has a great idea.
I had sex with two girls last night! YAAAS!

"Man, I'm so hungry....let's go to taco bell"
by katienedsfilthyfilms July 29, 2010
D.T.C. stands for "down to cuddle"...it is a take on the traditional acronym D.T.F., or "down to fuck". When someone is desiring human affection in a non-sexual manner, they are ready to cuddle with someone.
Amy: Sarah, I'm cold and lonely...do you want to snuggle with me?

Sarah: Sure, I'm D.T.C.

Amy: Thank God, I'm freezing!
by katienedsfilthyfilms September 19, 2010
when you pee in a toilet before shitting. Then, when you do defecate in said toilet the pee water splashes up and smacks your bum.
I just peed and shat in that order and got a major case of pissass all up in there, like dayummmm!
by katienedsfilthyfilms July 21, 2010
a young couple, usually in middle school, who are hesitant to show physical affection towards one another. However, when they do show affection (such as hand holding), it is as awkward as peeing in front of each other.
Taylor and Stephen were holding hands in front of their friends on Saturday; it looked like they were pissin' together.

Dude stop pissin' together, just kiss her already!
by katienedsfilthyfilms July 21, 2010
a phrase used to describe sexual intercourse with someone, counting the immense amounts of alcohol you've consumed as a third party.
"Hey man I didn't see you after the party last night. Where'd you go?"

"Oh man...me, some chick and Jack Daniels had a drunken menage a trois."

"How was it?"

"From what I remember it was decent, but JD took over after a while...I didn't get to see much action."
by katienedsfilthyfilms June 15, 2010
an adjective used to describe an attractive woman. A play on the word "hot" pronounced with a long "a" like in the words apple, bat, alto, etc. hold the "aaa" out long and change pitches from low to high
"Holy shit, have you seen Kelly Smith lately? She's been wearing mini skirts every day in English!"
"Oh, I've noticed. She's haaat! I'd tap that anyday."
"Same here dude. Nobody in our school is as haaat as she is."
by katienedsfilthyfilms May 18, 2010
When a friend is asleep, and snoring loudly with their mouth open, proceed to tea bag them...causing them to choke themselves awake on your balls. This presents itself as a holy occasion, hence the "Bethlehem" in the name, after the birthplace of Jesus.
Jimmy gave Kevin the Bethlehem snorkel last night 'cause Kevin wouldn't stop snoring.

Nick has the taste of balls in his mouth after receiving the Bethlehem snorkel the night before.
by katienedsfilthyfilms July 29, 2010
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