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The stupid fucker that shot Dimebag Darrell on December the 8th 2004

Rot in hell Nathan Gale
by katieeeeeeeeez December 04, 2007
When a girl has sex with several men one after the other.
She got batteried six in a line,
I believe thats not a good sign.
by Katieeeeeeeeez September 01, 2007
The act of running knives across another person's body without actually stabbing, for sexual excitement.
My boyfriend tyed me up and we did some knifeplay.
It was sexually enticing.
by Katieeeeeeeeez February 07, 2008
A supposedly 'hot' woman that makes money out of getting her tits out.
Brainless talentless nobodys that the world would be a better place without.
Spotty teenage boy: Damn Jodie Marsh is HAWT look at her boobs!

Teenage girl: Ew look at jodie marsh's yucky figure and weird nose!
No glamour models are..

Spotty teenage boy: =
by katieeeeeeeeez September 17, 2007
A band much like most other 'emo' bands of todays society. Of course, are not truly emo in the slightest, all look like girls (especially the lead singer) although they claim to be male and are currently being worshipped by 14 year old girls throughout Europe.
Hey, does anyone else think that Tom Kaulitz from tokio hotel looks like lady soveriegn?
by Katieeeeeeeeez May 04, 2008

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