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A person who absorbs the personality and interests of the people around them like tofu absorbs the flavor of the food it is cooked with. They usually do this because they lack a personality of their own, and they will often forsake their previous persona for a new one at any given moment.
That guy is Social Tofu, sure he'll talk to you about the injustice of animal abuse but tomorrow he will defend bear baiting to the death.
by katie the lady August 30, 2010
A vagina that has been mercilessly pounded so many times it has become a cavernous opening. Much caution should be used if one should chose to challenge the Stargate. You may miscalculate a thrust and fall in. Should this occur without a proper lifeline (i.e. a load-bearing freighter chain) you will be forever trapped in an alternate dimension. Of course if you were to fall in, this would be the only time the owner of the stargate might possibly be able to feel penetration. No human penis in recorded history has been adequate size to flap the meat curtains on this monster.
dude, you're actually drunk enough to get with that? Here, take this length of steel cord I got from the ski lift operator. you're going to need it to resist the gravitaional pull of that chick's Stargate. remember to fasten it to a sturdy foundation, such as the load-bearing beam of a large building.
by katie the lady September 01, 2010

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