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there are a few types of GD fans. "newbe fans" or the "american idiot fans" are people who became fans of green day around american idiot being released. also known as "teeny-boppers"

"gilman fans"-green day doesn't have that many gilman fans anymore b/c most of them abandoned them shortly after the release of Dookie. also known as "sell out fans"

"obsessed fan"-someone who is obsessed with the members of green day instead of their music. much like the newbee fans. or teeny-boppers.

"true fan"-someone who has been listening to GD religously ever since they first heard GD. no matter when they first heard them, american idiot or 39 smooth. they will never abandon green day. these are the people who end up getting some sort of tattoo having to do with GD or its members.
"newbe fans/american idiot green day fans"- "OH MA FREAKING GOD!!! BILLY JO=THA SEX!"

"gilman fans/sellout fans"-"i hate green day! they used to be good! but now they're successful. damn that mainstream music!"

"obsessed fan/teenyboppers"-"did you know that Tre' Cool was born in Germany?! well i did!"

"true fan"-"green day is my inspiration. the way billie plays his guitar with so much intensity...it just so, amazing. and tre, well he's the best drummer. and mike, he holds everything together."
by katie lynn sue June 08, 2006

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