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A flaming douche, or just a douche is usually a male who finds it necessary to be a jerk. He's a huge player. When in a new habitat, he first preys on the innocent girl who only dates wholesome guys. This way, the other girls will think that he's a great guy. While dating this girl, he will start to ignore her, and he will flirt with others. This will force her to break up with him. Now, all the other girls will feel bad for him, and they will be all over him even most. He will now date more and more girls, and might even use the first girl's bff as a victim.

Most of the time, the flaming douche is a tall guy with light eyes and dark hair. He is a jock, and plays lacrosse and or basketball. He tries to excel in school as well, that way girls can say, "He's an honors student... he can't be a douche bag!" Many times, he will be a rolemodel to other guys who want desperate girls' attention, such as a friend or brother, (the brother doesn't have to be younger; he can be a twin, or older.)

Suspicions can go around that the flaming douche is gay because of the constant need to have a girlfriend, and it is definately possible.

The flaming douche will have somewhat common names, like Anthony, Christopher, Patrick, Thomas, and Lucas.

Over all, the flaming douche is a guy all girls must stay away from, even if he may be cute.
-Ant is a total flaming douche! My sister still has problems trusting guys after dating him! I should so kick his ass!
-Dude, I'm right with ya! He convinced Julie to dump me for him, then he didn't even go out with her!

-Omigod! Pat is suchh a flaming douche! He went out with me, then hooked up with some other girl!
-OMG he's totally a flaming douche!
-Yah, and what's worse is that the girl was my sister!
by kathy14Xox0 August 15, 2010

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