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n. A person who gripes about Christmas coming too early when stores put up their Christmas merchandise or radio stations play holiday tunes prior to Thanksgiving Day.
Also, a person who criticizes or whines about anything at all that is related to the things we lovers of Christmas enjoy. (Holiday music, Christmas parties, tacky sweaters, Christmas shopping, etc.)
See also, grinchhole
Veteran's Day is my favorite holiday because I always use the day off to put up my Christmas decorations. Yes, it's early, so what? Suck it, Grinch-holes.
by kathrynmham November 13, 2011
n. (per-muh-smack) Word used to describe the phenomenon of permanence that occurs when someone says something nasty or hateful online and it becomes published.
Suzanne's dreams of making a difference by being a foster mother were dashed because of perma-smack someone published years earlier saying that she was a drunk.

Modern law will be shaped by cases involving perma-smack. While civil suits will pursue claims that a job was not awarded or a person was fired for perma-smack, criminal charges will be brought against cyber bullies who caused a young person's suicide.
by kathrynmham April 08, 2010

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