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Grunge bud is some of the best bud smoked.
Also a good way for those knowing little from getting into your bud.
Sorry dude, this grunge bud is just to stoney for you.
by kath955 December 07, 2010
A smoker of the best buds smoked.

One who induldges in the finest bud -grunge bud
this blue diesel is will satisfy even the pickest grunge man
by kath955 December 30, 2010
A mama that grows the most awesome bud.
This awesome bud is more commonly known as grunge bud.
guy 1: "Did you know Brad's mom grows some awesome bud?"

guy 2: "I'll have to stop by that grunge mama's"
by kath955 December 08, 2010
One who has mastered the art of grunge bud.
Instuructor of growing the best grunge bud.
person 1: " Is this bud any good?"
person 2: "I am not sure, ask Scott, he's a Grunge Master".
by kath955 May 11, 2011
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