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attention seeking whore...

melinda: i hate photo's
*posts a posing picture on facebook*
guy: hawt
melinda: noooo... i'm ugly.. i'm fat
guy: :/
melinda: but.. i really am D:
kateva: stfu ASW
#asw #attention #seeking #whore #emo #sympathy
by kateva February 20, 2009
Someone who seeks attention from anyone they can get on facebook. Posting "posing" pictures... Multiple online relationships, posting slutty comments on walls / pictures... And just general whoring.
These people are generally unliked by most, but are desperate to get online friends to make up for their crappy real life.
Dood: Shit, Melinda's such a facebook whore. WHERE IS THE BLOCK BUTTON DAMNIT?!
#facebook #whore #spam #whoring #attention seeking
by kateva February 21, 2009
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