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(1) A term used to describe a person who is very uptight or a neat freak.
(2) When a man inserts his penis into another's anus for sexual intercourse.
(1) My uncle Rod is sooo, anal

(2) Sam loves anal sex.
by katelinnEdwards September 23, 2006
(1) A penis that is very small.

(1) A penis mutilated by a botched sex change operation.

(3) A man who makes the most of his small penis.
(1) When I pulled down his pants he had an angry inch.

(2) After his botched sex change operation, Hedwig was left with an angry inch.

(3) He had a small penis, but he was an animal in the sack to make up for it!
by katelinnEdwards September 23, 2006
Marijuana cigarettes dipped in embalming fluid. Joints dipped and rolled in embalming fluid.
Last night after the party we smoked some fry sticks.
by katelinnEdwards September 23, 2006
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