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10 definitions by katee

The lead sing and guitarist in the band green day, the best band in the world. He is the sexiest dude ever!
Billie Joe is in the band Green Day
by Katee March 31, 2004
70 42
Joystick or penial shaft used to jack-off.
Mr. Peefer had his joystick removed so he is peefer-less.
by katee March 12, 2004
3 2
a tool used for masterbation and causinga pleasurable scream to be announced.
He pulled out his winky and told her to sit and scream for 50 minutes.

by katee March 12, 2004
5 16
1. An old man with three titties and a massive drug addiction.

2. Someone who's hobbies contain oral sex, masturbation, and erection.

3. Oral sex.

4. Butt-fucking.

5. Pleasuring someone of your own species.
1. That fucker almost ran me over on my way back from the restroom.

2. That sexy fucker wanted his vibrator back but an old hobo stole it.

3. Will you have fucker w/ me?

4. I want to fucker you.

5. I started fuckering at the age of 17 and my mom wants her vibrator back.
by katee March 12, 2004
5 16
slang used by lp (little people-short statured people) they use ap as to *average height people*
lp talking to another lp: "my friend meg is an ap"
by Katee February 06, 2004
1 12
where a dude cums all over a chick or another dude in the shower
boy: "Hey bitch, Go get ready for your snowball shower"
by Katee February 06, 2004
12 27
deal. as used in the mest song "Whats the Dillo?"
Whats the d-d-d-dillo dillo? Whats the d-d-d-deal deal?
by Katee March 31, 2004
8 32