173 definitions by kate

Sober; of good state of mind
I woke up the next morning and wasn't quite telecot.
by Kate July 19, 2004
Romantic, smart, charming, warm, he's all that.....
I discover something new about you each time..
by Kate March 21, 2004
One who will die either of skin cancer from excessive tanning or starvation from lack of food. See also Paris Hilton and Charlize Theron
This tanorexic girl at my school passed out from hunger in her personal tanning bed last night.
by kate November 22, 2004
A violent aggressive outburst, usually sustained for five to ten minutes.
Oh no, Ceri has gone into monkey mode. We gotta hide before he kills us all!
by Kate January 18, 2004
1.:the pimp in the best brothel in town
2.:husband of madame nipples and daddy of the 'hos
Those 'hos are sooo Jazzo's!
by Kate February 28, 2005
a red headed individual moving by any of the following forms of transportation: bicycle, rollerblades/skates, or skateboard
My great-grandmother suffered a massive concussion following her unexpected collision with the wild frotch on wheels.
by Kate November 09, 2004
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