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173 definitions by kate

When a dude pulls his hairy balls out of his zipper and attempts to walk around the bar and pick up unsuspecting chicks. The irony is that he is actually using the only brains that he has!
Brandon Abby was hanging brains at the bar last night.
by Kate June 30, 2004
A guy who thinks he's got mad bitches that he fucks all the time, but he doesn't.

A word/term invented by LiL kLePT (c) 2003.
"You think you're the shit, but you're just a fucking jizzhead."
by Kate April 28, 2004
An insult.

A person who deserves to be deemed as a crusted skin flake from someone's ass, or as dried shit that flakes off from someone's ass.
John, you fucking assflake! You suck.
by Kate March 31, 2005
Szechuan dishes are simply, VERY hot and spicy. A style of cooking found in Chinese cuisine. They may use Chili peppers, Szechuan pepper, garlic, and salt.
I went to this new Chinese restruant and had the Szechuan Chicken. It was really good, but it felt like my mouth was on fire!
by Kate March 06, 2005
the hot young gundam piolot from gundam wing (anime) who poilots the Death Syche hell Custom...also known as the Shinigami (god of Death)
"my Mommy told me that real men don't cry"
"Well EXCUSE me for being a mere mortal"
by Kate October 03, 2003
someone who is skilled/good in bed
I slept with jimmy last night, he is one hot torf!
by Kate December 05, 2004
A hot guy who has little experience with the real world, but is nonetheless good for a fuck.
Josh had never been to a party before, but he was such a Tarzan that Kate didn't care.
by kate November 22, 2004