173 definitions by kate

Indian I would like to fuck
Baily or Ridgley are prime IILFs
by Kate January 11, 2005
short for special, only cool people can use it
those two girls are very spesh.
by kate December 24, 2004
a son of God, made a little lower than angels
behold, limuel
by Kate December 23, 2003
when acne scars your face
Dude, tony lovato is such a craterface!
by kate March 03, 2005
When you see a kid who is rolling down the street with all show no go and knows nothing about his car and tries to talk "cool" about his car..when in all reality he knows nothing.
A kid who is not asian yet "tries" to be and has all different types of asian caligraphy on his/her car and is not asian whatsoever.
by Kate November 22, 2003
a group of ppl who really really love a band and decide to promote it on their own time and they reep the benifits-- bombs away baby
i am on the street team for bombs away
by kate March 07, 2005
A hot guy who has little experience with the real world, but is nonetheless good for a fuck.
Josh had never been to a party before, but he was such a Tarzan that Kate didn't care.
by kate November 22, 2004
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