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Combination of Abortionist + Butcher.

A person who kills unborn children and occasionally Botches the dirty deed, injuring and scarring the woman patient, sometimes causing her permanent infertility.
That abortcher needs to realize his actions are simply murder.
by kate January 22, 2005
The two GREATEST things to come from Britain? America and the Beatles.
i love you awesome british people!
by kate January 07, 2004
sum1 whose is all the bad words in da world, my word so ino wot it means!
as in omg u remis
by kate November 29, 2003
The best fucking rapper/hip hop whatever artist because he has the best songs ever.
Have u heard Kanye's Slo Jamz? It is so tight.
by Kate March 25, 2004
HOT,REAl,POWERFUL,Finaly some commin out with some real shit.
onee of the bes rapers out
by Kate February 21, 2004
gettin drunk
we be gettin drizzy tonight
by kate April 30, 2003
This word originates from using "Christ" as an exclamation
Crickey, that was a terrible accident
by Kate October 27, 2003

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