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The act of yodeling while giving a blowjob, vibrating the man's balls for extra stimulation.
Sarah: How was your backpacking trip to Austria?
John: It was amazing. I drank goat's milk, climbed a mountain, and totally got cum yodeled by a hot milkmaid.
by Kate Charlton February 17, 2008
The act of cumming any two of the following: a woman's ass, pussy, or her mouth all in one orgasm (or a man's ass AND mouth). It takes both good control and, with the ass or pussy to mouth, a longer orgasm with a large load.
Patrick fucked her ass hard until he started to cum. Then he used his kegel muscles to hold himself mid-cum while he quickly slipped his cock from her ass to her pussy and completed the hole-in-two.
by Kate Charlton February 09, 2008
The excuse you give to go fuck.
While visiting my parents, Jeff and I usually use the sexcuse of needing a gallon of milk from the grocery store. That gets us out of the house long enough for a quicky in the backseat of the car.
by Kate Charlton September 03, 2008
Overlooking sometimes glaring flaws in someone's personality or physical appearance because the sex is great. Similar to beer goggles, and sometimes resulting from it, sex goggles can be hard to clear do to the fact that we could all use a good lay.
David's skill in bed overshadowed his extra pounds, annoying habits, know-it-all attitude, and crappy job. Liz planned on keeping her sex goggles on until something better, and in a more permanent package, came along.
by Kate Charlton July 28, 2008
Another name for breasts.
Megan has nice jalobes, but mine are better.
by Kate Charlton May 20, 2008
The date on which two people first had sex.
He was invited out for a drink after work, but he knew that since it was their sexiversary and she would be expecting him to be on his game, he declined.
by Kate Charlton June 18, 2008
The act of masturbating while in a car.
Motorbation helps Sandy stay awake when she needs to drive along on long trips.
by Kate Charlton August 07, 2008

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