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Another name for literotica, romance novels, or fanfics of a sexual nature.
This would be a bad example of Chick Porn: Lupin, exhausted from spending the night chained in a cage while transformed into a werewolf, fell almost lifeless into the waiting arms of Tonks. They starred at each other for a long moment, wondering how much of that night they both would remember and both smiled at the same time. The next moment the beast inside of Lupin had returned -- not hungry for blood, but sweat.
by Kate Charlton August 12, 2007
Just as it sounds. Extra points when it runs down the sides of your mouth while you smile and say "ahhhhh".
I took him long and deep until he came in my mouth. I kept it there, met his eyes with mine, cum gargled and he actually came again.
by Kate Charlton November 15, 2007
That euphoric feeling directly after having an orgasm. After orgasm, both men and women release the chemicals oxytocin, prolactin, gamma amino butyric acid (GABA), and endorphins that work to tell the body and mind to relax after sex.
We were just laying there enjoying the postcoital bliss and he said "I love you". And I said, "just enjoy the afterglow and don't get all sappy".
by Kate Charlton February 15, 2008
The act of cumming in a woman's ass, pussy, and mouth all in one orgasm. It takes both good control and a longer orgasm with a large load.
Patrick fucked her ass hard until he started to cum. Then he used his kegel muscles to hold himself mid-cum while he quickly slipped his cock from her ass to her pussy, continued cumming, and one last time held himself until she rolled over and he was able to complete cumming in her eager mouth completing the hole-in-three.
by Kate Charlton February 09, 2008
Ass to mouth followed by a snowball.
Sadie: What did you think of that?
Robert: Well, the ass to mouth was awesome, but next time swallow before you kiss me. I totally taste like your ass and my cum. Not cool.
Sadie: It's called a Slidel, and now you now how I feel every time you ask me to swallow you after you fuck my ass.
by Kate Charlton April 01, 2008
The act of involuntarily and immediately regurgitating cum all over a man’s penis during or directly after orgasm while attempting to swallow. This can happen from either a failed swallow or by the man’s penis being too deep (or being forced too deep) into the mouth of the person giving the blowjob.
Kate: I thought I had it, but when he started to cum he pushed in deeper and I couldn't hold it all and totally cumchucked back on his cock and bed.
Robin: Oh my God, was he pissed?
Kate: A little, but he was still in postcoital bliss, so he was cool with it.
by Kate Charlton February 15, 2008
Incredible sex - so incredible that you hear a complete symphony in your head, reaching their climactic point as you do, and ending with wild applause. Can cause individuals involved in symphony sex to attempt to scream or sing out along with the music.
As he rocked back on his hips, driving himself further into me, I heard, even though it was only the two of us in the room and both the TV and radio were off, an entire string section of an orchestra build. As his speed increased the woodwinds entered. By the time I was about to cum the entire orchestra was crescendoing, drums were pounding, strings singing at full forte, all at a fevered pitch until, in unison with me, everything peaked and held for a seemingly impossible note - all followed by wild applause and exhaustion. He collapsed next to me and I screamed "ENCORE! More Symphony Sex! ENCORE!", but alas, he was already asleep.
by Kate Charlton July 25, 2008

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