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Dick Gone Wild
It is an illness that only 6.45% of all men in the world have.
The symptoms are that your dick grows by 87.94% and it starts slapping your legs. “It goes wild” Sometimes it rips your trousers. The only way to stop it going “wild” is by chaining it up to your leg with some special diamonds and German stainless steal chains. If you want to use short trousers you will have to wrap it around your leg and chain it up.
It is always useful to carry a bottle with acid in it so when the chains cant hold it any more you can spray some acid on it and it will settle down.
In some cases the dick will start making some noise that means that you will have to feed it. If you have that illness your body will need 8000 Calories a day.

The cum that comes out will look like little sharks. They will burn every thing they come in contact with since its PH vale is 1.
Chicks love guys with D.G.W. since it goers right to the G spot and you can fuck for even days.
Hey I have the D.G.W.!
by kas q July 04, 2010

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