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Being in the state of Liking something. For liking a Facebook picture we can either click like or simply comment "likenness" instead. It should be taken in the sense and context of how we say coolness and awesomeness etc..
Drew: The pic is awesome!!! "likenness in multiples"
by kart777 April 11, 2010
Getting multiplied umpteen times. To be more precise multiply into undetermined or so many times. 'umpt'- from umpteen and 'iply' - from multiply.

Marc: Hey when my mom said she is gonna get me a new bike.. You can't imagine how happy I was...

Neil: Dude you got to be really excited...then...!!??

Marc: My excitement has been umptiplied like crazy...

Neil: Umptiplied??

Marc: Yeah!! Umptiply.. is multiplied umpteen times...!!
by kart777 February 11, 2011

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