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An ingenious method of effective, targeted, advertising, seen on many proffessional or "major" websites. Much more effective than Pop-ups or Pop-unders.
Guy1:Man, I can't afford these server bills.
Guy2:How about adding a banner ad from a reputable site? They will pay you some money to ease those bills.
Guy1:Well, I read urbandictionary.com, and after reading karri0n's definition, I suppose they really aren't so evil after all. Good idea, thanks.
by karri0n October 17, 2003
Any belief that one has, and will never change from outside sources. It has nothing to do with god, or the meaning of life, or what happens when we die. it has nothing to do with where we come from. a religion is nothing more than a concept one believes with all of their heart.
A code of honor is one type of religion.
by karri0n October 17, 2003
when compared to most other soft drinks, ownage. When compare to Bawls, Shit.
Dude:OMG!!!1111!!!! THIS JOLT IS T3H R0XX0RZ!!!!
Guy:Try this Bawls. It ownz jolt.
Dude: *gulp gulp gulp* WOWO!!!1111!!!!11! OMG R0XX0R!!!11!!!!!!
by karri0n October 19, 2003
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