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a milly is a northeren irish ruff girl normally seen wearing large fred perry jumper jogging bottoms or bright orange tracksuits to match their over fake tanned orange faces. lots of tacky large gold chains are necessary gold coin rings and overly large handbag ear-rings with their hair scraped into an extreamly tight side ponytail see also spides (the male equivlant)
omg that wee gals such a milly check out her ear-rings
by karen and aoife August 15, 2005
norn irish term for being totally mortified infront of people
-omg leek yesterday i leek was walking home leek and leek i was passing these leek great wee lads leek yea? and then i leek omg leek totally tripped and fell leek and my skirt was up over my leek head leek!!!
-omg leek scundered for ye
by karen and aoife August 15, 2005
it is a as bad as everyone says, probably worse actually but we love it it KICKS ASS!!!!!!!
we live near 1 of the aformentioned police stations!! yey!! FALLS ROAD ROX
by karen and aoife August 16, 2005
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