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to hide something that you know is bad so others won't notice it
I tried to cover up my smoking by spraying perfumes and body sprays on my clothes and skin and breath mints, drops, and gum in my mouth to hide the yellowing of my teeth and smelly breath. It worked for a little while until my mother found out. I guess I forgot to cover up after having a cigarette instead of having someone snitch about it like I previously believed. Remember, someone will find out what you're doing even if you cover your behavior or addiction up.
by Karen Stickney October 17, 2007
a day program offered by Support Solutions that is supposed to help people with developmental disabilities, but forces them into one program when they want to do another program
1)Creative Trails doesn't understand that I want more cultivate days. I want to go to Pineland Farms so the Portland people won't miss me too much, but I always get stuck there doing Create when Thursdays roll around. I like getting to go out and doing things, but they think I can't handle being around strangers and make me stay there most of the time. And what is up with that stupid drum circle they have every two weeks? What a waste of time and a stupid idea whoever suggested that it should exist.

2) The Creative Trails staff tell Donna that she should get more exercise, and she wants more Trails days to do just that, but they always get her stuck inside. What's up with that?
by Karen Stickney December 10, 2006
the dragons' teacher on the show Dragon Tales
When Emmy needed advice about taking a rhyme bird she named Cutie Pie home, she asked Quetzal, their teacher, and he agreed that it wasn't a good idea. She eventually left Cutie Pie her hair ribbon that Cassie, the peach dragon, made for her until she returned to Dragon Land.
by Karen Stickney November 10, 2006
I've been smoking for a really long time
Karen: "Now you can't complain about Pat's smoking since you do it yourself!"

Arthur: "I've always been a smoker".
by Karen Stickney February 03, 2007
secretive over something forbidden
Me: "Joseph Andrew, it's impossible to smoke and not have your parents find out. I got ratted on for doing it, and so did you".

Joe: "It's not imposssible. You just have to be smooth".
by Karen Stickney July 10, 2008
phrase beginning smokers say to their parents (and rarely, children, spouses, or siblings, and very rarely, grandchildren) when they are told it's unhealthy for them and such people tell them not to continue
Mother: "You've been smoking, haven't you? I can smell it on your clothes even when you tried to cover it up."
Daughter (angry and embarassed): "Mother! There's so much stress in my life, so I need to smoke, okay?! Daddy keeps putting on that shitty rap channel and it stresses me out, so smoking will calm it down".
Mother: "Watch your mouth there, young lady. Don't let that bother you. He's just teasing you and you know it. And, you won't smoke anymore or he'll hear about it".
Daughter: "I won't smoke at home, okay? I'll just do it outside the home, and I'll cover it up when I'm done. No one here will suspect a thing."
Mother: "You won't do it anywhere! You're done with it now!"
by Karen Stickney November 04, 2007
phrase you say to music lovers after you say a certain word that may be a band name. A friend of mine always said this to me after he said certain words because he knows I love music. Other variations of this phrase include "Not the singer", "Not the song", "Not the rapper", "Not the group", and "Not the music style". When you say a word that may be a singer's last name, you'd say this:
Mark: Go straight.
Karen: Not George Strait!
Amy: Watch out for that branch!
Karen: Not Michelle Branch!
Alice: Here is the wood that needs to be stained for Sara's sign.
Karen: Not the band!

by Karen Stickney October 29, 2006

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