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the majority of Urban Dictionary's definitions
Every time I've looked up food phrases on Urban Dictionary, they've all had sexual definitions.
by Karen Stickney December 09, 2006
1) Out of the ordinary

2) Unconventional
Eric says I listen to weird music. Did he mean it as a compliment or as an insult?

Hey Mike, if Eric heard the Seven Mary Three song "Times Like These", he'd think you listen to weirder music than he said about me.
by Karen Stickney June 06, 2006
A person with autism
Although I'm autistic, I will be graduating from college next month, and I know alot about music.
by Karen Stickney May 13, 2006
term parents use when a child wants something and they don't say yes or no. Usually means "no", but sometimes it means "yes"
Child: "May I have a puppy?"

Parent(s): "We'll see."
by Karen Stickney January 06, 2007
To make people foolishly believe something that is not true.
Casey has been brainwashing Sheri, Greg, John, Becky, Billy, and Michael into thinking I'm a bear when I'm not.
by Karen Stickney April 29, 2006
something you can smoke every once in a while. You don't have to smoke them every day. I didn't.
1),Jeff: "What's that? It reminds me of when I was a teenager".
Angie: "Karen smokes".
Me (embarassed that she snitched after she promised me she wouldn't): "ANGIE!"
Angie: "Well, you're the one with the cigarettes in your hand!"
Jeff: "Smokey The Clove".

2) When I was a smoker I didn't smoke my cigarettes every day. How can you smokers manage to smoke a pack or two of cigarettes daily? I could never smoke that much. I only smoked six cigarettes maximum in a day, and that was fine for me.
by Karen Stickney September 29, 2007
a person who actually tries something before they decide whether they like it or not; they like or hate something because of actual exposure, not because others think it's cool
I am an open-minded punk. I don't hate on artists like Avril Lavigne and Simple Plan because so-called "true punks" think they shouldn't be listened to. I actually have heard their music, and while they may not sing about the government, they're still great artists.
by Karen Stickney August 31, 2006

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