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Flat Laydown. In sales terms especially with car dealers an FLD is an easy sale where no selling is involved where the buyer is already to go and no "selling" is required.
John got that FLD deal on that BMW 328i. Big deal!
by karaoke008 March 22, 2007
Having a birthday falling on either the 1st or 15th of the month which is when most counties cut their wellfare checks.
Mike's birthday is on the 15th. He is a county baby.
by karaoke008 May 01, 2008
the older i-pod touch that you use only when you are in the toilet taking a poop.
i was sitting on the can using my i-poop touch reading the latest article from google.
by karaoke008 November 12, 2012
Short for - Take It Or Leave It
This is the last spot we have in the trade show. TIOLI!
by karaoke008 March 28, 2008

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