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1 definition by kappukeki101

Wapanese is a term which originally was for people of Japanese and White Descent.

However, It's now used for someone who wants to be Japanese.

Usually, Wapanese:

1.) They want to live in Japan

2.) They eat Japanese food

3.) They know the difference between Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans

4.) They want to be Japanese

5.) They listen to Jpop/Jrock

6.) Some watch anime

7.) They learn Japanese

8.) They believe they were born in the wrong race

9.) They alot of times claim to be Japanese on the internet

10.) They love the Japanese culture Kimonos, Etc

11) They use Japanese words Stereotypically, They say Baka and Kawaiii Desu Ne alot, But I have never seen one do that
Wapanese Girl: I want to be Japanese
by kappukeki101 August 06, 2010