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Across the Potomac from Washington DC,this is one of the wealthiest and smallest counties in the country and by far the best place to live. In the southern part of the county, many minorities can be found along with sports fields. It also has it own transportation sysytem called the ART busses.Parts of it are getting to look more and more like NYC(Rossylyn,Ballston and Crystal City)and 95% of kid's parents work goverment,military etc. making a shitload of money.small colonial houses are being replaced more and more by high rise apartment buildings,mansions and lofts It's also home to the PENTAGON-which in fact is NOT in DC. It is also where if you're a Republican, you are a tiny minority who has no say in anything and should hightail it to somewhere else in the state besides Northern Virginia.7 out of 10 eligible people voted for Kerry or Gore. arlington is where some of the best schools (Drew Model School,Gunston Middle School and Wakefield High school) are located, it OC look like shit. the schools there have some of the best teachers and student activities. where the schools are filled with drama and looks like a living breathing degrassi. also where a lot of the start of the america was full of rich history.here there are a huge diversity where you can find a hawaiian,black and german person all in one room.so most peoples children are more than on race or 100% of somthing. the shopping and food is great.everyone takes DC for granted, but still keeps the Redskins faith going. one more thing its line is virginia is for lovers!

dummy: so your some VA redneck
arlington person: no i'm from Arlington,VA
by kaponi leia September 24, 2007

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