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Kickball Mitt - Used to describe something undescribeable, such as the sound of a fat kid being stuffed into Barbie easy bake oven.
Did you hear that noise Jack made last night? Sounded crazier then a kickball mitt.
by Kanzan27 September 26, 2007
Used to describe any two young men (in their mid 20's) who live and work together, and ride the same crotch rocket to work. They are not infact men, and should you be approached to go to a BBQ at their house, DONT LOOK IN THE BATHROOM CLOSET!!!
Person 1: Seen BJ and Dave lately?
Person 2: You mean Laverne and Shirley?
Person 1: HAHA That's funny. Yeah, them.
Person 2: Yep. They rode by on their crotch rocket going to McDonalds.
by Kanzan27 September 24, 2006
Something sooooo dang fantabulous that you just have to pull out your device and yank away!!!
Did you see the set on HER? Absitively yanktastic!!!
*yank* *yank* *yank* *yank*
by kanzan27 September 29, 2009
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