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a Sarah Palin Toss Up, is the term used to describe a woman who trades sexual and or monetary favors for fame and or power, a synonym for fame whore.
Niki Manaj got into young money by being a Sarah Palin Toss Up.
by kanyewasright January 19, 2011
the act of stomping on one's testicles with golf, football, or baseball cleets while the said person is lying on the ground, perferably cement.
while john was lying on cement, ben stomped on his testicles with his baseball cleets inducing a columbian bull frog
by kanyewasright June 12, 2010
after a long periode of time in which a man does not masturbate, the ejaculate that is created when he finally does is dense and sticky and sometimes yellowish, this is called a clump baby
man,"its been oveer a month since i last masturbated, and the 'clump baby' i made was huge.
by kanyewasright June 12, 2010
Similar to the The Sex-Generation, the post sex-generation is a generation born in the early to late nineties and grew up between the years of 2000 and 2012. Those who are born in the sex generation, have grown up in a culture where sex is viewed as a less intimidating and "hush-hush" topic. This generation would be considered much more open-minded than The Sex- Generation, towards topics of and relating to sex. The act of sex in the post sex-generation is also more openly discussed than in the previous generation.
I was born in 1994 and am part of the Post Sex-Generation
by kanyewasright January 19, 2011
all people who were born in the mid to late eighties, and grew up in the nineties. during this generation the Clinton administration was dealing with the impeachment sex-scandal. President Clinton stated that oral sex was not "really sex" this resulted in young americans becoming more comfortable with the idea of sex, and sexual activity. The Sex Generation's more liberal approach to sexual activity resulted in the once conservative culture of the united state becoming more open-minded.
I was born in nineteen-eighty-five, I'm part of The Sex-Generation.
by kanyewasright January 19, 2011
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