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An advanced weapon which fires a stream of phased particles.
Made famous by the finctional TV show "Star trek" the Phaser was never actually in wide spread use. The Phaser is capable of stunning or killing an oponant or of melting, heating and vapourising objects. In only recorded use of a phaser was when one was fired to stop William Shatner from making another album
Set your Phasers to stun
by Kang June 18, 2004
Somone who Zealously defends the superiority of the Linux operating system. The typical Linux Zealot hangs around a forum or IRC channel and answers questions that blatently refer to Microsoft windows with questions like "What operating system are you using?" or replies with instructions that relate to Linux.
Many Linux Zealots know very little about the operation of the Linux operating system and are simply trying to gain respect from fellow Linux users.
I went to a linux help channel to ask how to make this software work but I was called a lamer and told to read the documentation which from what I can tell dosen't exist.
by Kang June 18, 2004
Hidden Police Car.
Dude, there's a Romulan in the median!
by Kang September 10, 2003
4. A tentacled alien known for his acts of charity and good humor.
by kang March 18, 2003
Somone who's financial dealings can be considered like those of a Jew.
You never mentioned anything about additional charges you Jewbie!
by Kang October 05, 2004

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