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Hawaiian pidgin

Term used for anything and everything. Typically used in quick speech when one cannot immediately remember a word
Ey try go grab da kine an bring um ova heah. No not dat kine da udda kine.
by kanakaman January 17, 2004
Shorthand type used by u-typers, the childish internet users who are too lazy to type the proper amount of letters contained in words. This results in the mutilation of proper written English.
U-typer: u r a fag.
Me: You are un-American. Please die in a fire.
by kanakaman July 14, 2004
Hawaiian pidgin

Finished working.
Ah I pau hana, can go come now, shoots brah
by kanakaman January 17, 2004
Rubber slippers, japanese-introduced slippers which are the common footwear of Hawaiian locals. They are attached to the feet by a strap which goes between the big toe and the second toe and to the sides of the slipper.
Ey brah wea my rubbah slippah stay?
by kanakaman January 17, 2004
Hawaiian pidgin

Fishing phrase meaning "I have a bite." Said when you are about to catch a fish or when you catch one.
So da udda day I was going da kine den-- Oh hana pa`a!
by kanakaman January 18, 2004
Hawaiian pidgin for "enough".
Guy 1: You like more gas?
Guy 2: Nah, nuff already.
by kanakaman December 13, 2004
An ear ring.
Take off those fag tags, this is baseball not a gay pride fashion show.
by kanakaman January 20, 2004
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