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A semi-cool city located in Southern Utah. It has most of the stores of a big city but lacks fun things to do. All the homes look the same & every house hold uses twice as much water as the one next to it.
The high schools brag about their sports when in reality, they all suck.
Lots of mormons, cowboys, polygamists, senior citizens, snobby teenagers & a holy ton of infants & kids under 7.
The only reason why I like it in St. George is 1 hour and 40 minutes down the road, is Vegas. Another 3 hours from Vegas, is Southern California.
Teenager 1: what should we do tonight in St. George dude?!
Teenager 2: well, it's either see a movie, or go to the one story mall!
Teenager 1: oh I got it! Let's have your mom teach us to cook & do a little scripture reading with the whole family!
Teenager 2: Sweeet! *high five*
by kalyygirl63 January 25, 2009

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