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when bad things happen all at once, a very bad winter storm,
dorthy road in on a big old shit blizzard
by kalisz June 11, 2010
a downright stupid and worthless being that usually wear (but are not limited to) velcro shoes and can't think for themselves and speak in a foreign tung .
hey retard jones what you lookin at i ain't got no porkchop sandwiches for you.
by kalisz June 11, 2010
a large,cheap,not bad tasting man sized beer sold @ the lcbo that gets you smashed
hey nick you still pounding the maximum ice into you?
by kalisz June 11, 2010
a shit riddler is 1 who speaks in shit riddles and makes no sense
quit your talking you shit riddler i can't understand you
by kalisz June 11, 2010
a group of ill, fouled minded youth talking nonsensical
your talkin' stupid like a retard salad
by kalisz June 11, 2010

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