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4 definitions by kalah

the insane clown posse befor they were called such.
inner city posse gettin wicked with the icp!
by kalah October 17, 2005
52 30
six albums made by icp wich contain the message of the dark carnival. they are:
-carnival of carnage
-great milinko
-amazing jeckle brothers
-the wraith and hells pit
ounce all 6 have fallen all we have to do is wait for the end to consume us all. the wagons are coming for us and you , so i hope your down if your reading this!
" on the daY the wagons come, i just pray that you let me on"
now that the 6 joker cards have fallen, the end will consume us all.
by kalah October 17, 2005
73 60
halloween with a wicked juggalo twist mutha facko!
mom: halloween is evil! you should be reading your bible!
juggalo: fuck you it's hallowicked bitch!
**mom faints***
by kalah October 17, 2005
30 21
first of all, NOT a fan. more than a fan. someone who has so much love for juggalo family they would die for any member of such. one who doesnt care what any person in the world thinks of them, and lives for themselves, not keeping others happy. someone who can feel the dark carnival inside them.
juggalo family for ever bitch!
by kalah October 12, 2005
1516 1573