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Mycelia are the vegetative part of a fungus consisting of a mass of branching threadlike hyphae. It’s thought that mycelia can decompose organic compound thus absorbing the nutrients from the environment. Gossip mycelia are a mass of branching hyphae of the “gossip queen”. Gossip queen use this mycelia to decompose human minds thus absorbing the most valuable part of the human being-the spirit and conscience. You, me or anyone could be one part of the gossip mycelia of the gossip queen. We together consist of this massive gossip mycelia like a huge gossip network. Try to imagine how ugly the fungi mycelia can be. The gossip mycelia are much uglier.
“You slept with Jack’s wife?” I asked.
“How do you know?” He asked surprisingly.

“Who can escape the powerful gossip mycelia?” I laughed.
by kakadede February 12, 2010
It’s a romantic name for rice wine. Rice wine is an alcoholic beverage by converting the rice starch to sugars. It’s especially made in the east and totally different from the wine and other common western drinks. It’s unusually beautiful and mysterious, thus having a poetic name “eastern moon”
Both of us robed ourselves in moonlight and enjoyed our newly made eastern moon.
by kakadede February 08, 2010
Glufosinate, the ammonium salf of phosphinothricin, is a kind of herbicide which is very effective. Glufosinate man is a person who is very good at getting rid of the useless or bad stuff. Its language origin is bible in reference to Mathew 13: 24-30, 36-43. A glufosinate man is capable of select wheat from weeds.
God must be a glufosinate man, for he has to do the final judge, at least in the chapter “revelation”.
by kakadede February 09, 2010
It's a romantic name for tea. It has the same creation principle as rice wine which is also called the eastern moon. Today is Feb 8th, a cup of hot tea definitely can give you the feeling of sunshine in spring.
It's cold and rainy outside, I ordered a cup of liquid sunshine in the dawn sad cafe.
by kakadede February 08, 2010

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