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a fan for your penis!!
my dick-shun-airie wins!!!my peins feels like its running threw a feild filled with magic and rainbows!!
by kajsa lecker May 08, 2009
a man whos penis is really small
tara:so how was it?
kajsa:it was so gross!!
kajsa:he had a pindle dick!!
by kajsa lecker May 08, 2009
when a gye has a unusauly small ass hole, making butt sex imposible,this may work for females too
john:i have a confession,i have a little eye,im sorry
by kajsa lecker May 08, 2009
the act of licking a yellow mustard color diarea from your lovers ass..get on that!
"man,my girl is a mustard licker,and it really helps when i have a quezzie stomach!"
by kajsa lecker May 07, 2009
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