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3 definitions by kaitlin barnes

a he-she, she-male, transvestite
whooah look at that shim! its more manly than that one!
by kaitlin barnes November 30, 2004
Something you yell when you find out some was, is, or is going to be taking a shower.
Frank saw Sebastian in the shower and yelled "OOOHHHHHHH MAMA!"
by kaitlin barnes November 10, 2004
sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex SEX!
one night 3 girls: kaitlin leah and nicole were walking along.. and 5 little *hott* birdies flew by and wispered the word scrogg in there ears.. and this is how the word came to be.. so fuck off. we made it.. not any of your bitch asses!
by kaitlin barnes November 18, 2004