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1. (n) A brand of feminine hygiene products, such as disposable douches.
2. (n) 6 oz. of mild vinegar and water, 4 units.
3. (n) A name given to someone who has a skewed view of what is generally considered to be cool. See: A lame. This word is a variant on the derogatory version of the term douche bag. This word is difficult to work into conversation, but when the perfect opportunity arrives, you'll know.
(In response to a douchified act someone has just committed.)
Nice move, Massengil.
Real slick, Massengil.
by Kaitlin July 10, 2004
A nice, happy go-lucky boy who isn't a big jerk.
Max is an amazing boykins.
by Kaitlin March 03, 2005
Are you 'forreal'? Are you being serious. Also used as a surprised expression
"Dude i had sex wit Jonny's girl last night"
"Are you ForSerious??!!!!!"
by kaitlin April 09, 2003
The game of soccer, without any rules.
Let's play grassball during recess!
by Kaitlin March 25, 2005
One of the most stylish, popularest, coolest person that is born awesome. This person also has their life put together that makes them all over things.
O my god that girl is tight with a all that glamour
by Kaitlin March 17, 2005
The coolest way to say "what?" Began in Woodbury, Minnesota! Jaynell and Kaitlin are the fattest and enjoyed using it. tee hee
Shwhat is this?!
by Kaitlin May 06, 2003
Aisling is a very snakey girl. one who enjoys dancing and snake all the time!
ohhhh- check out that Aisling! she's really snakin' it up tonight!
by kaitlin April 08, 2005

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