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A middle-aged upper middle class woman (ussually white)and lives in the suburbs who devotes her life to her childeren. She carpools, drives them to soccer and little leauge, volenteers at their school, does snack days, and play dates. Most of them end up driving their childeren away by not letting them express their selves and immediatley putting down anything that they find important. They are usually Christian and this can be shown around their house, in most of the cases I have found the childeren end up being atheist. They drive in their mini vans and suburbans with their fancy coffee's and cell phones.
That mom that is driving like a maniac to pick up her kid from school and cart them to soccer practice is a soccer mom.
by Kaitlin August 30, 2003
n. A word used by a more intellectual species of the Homo-sapian to describe "weed" or "marijuana". These people are not "potheads" or "stoners", they are "tokers".
Toker 1: "Wow, we are really smart and have a well rounded and prestigious background."
Toker 2: "I concur, we should go smoke some cannabis and talk about quantum physics."
by Kaitlin March 08, 2005
a lame seventh grader who gets in the locker room first so they get a better view of whats going on during the halftime talk than the rest of the cool 8th and 9th graders
Kaylie, how did the freakin sevies get in front of us?
by Kaitlin January 10, 2004
indie band thats headed by Conor Oberst and various friends of his.
No Lies, Just Love made me want to Love, Fuck, and Die at the same time.
by Kaitlin October 08, 2003
(adj)To be relating to or of swigginess; to be cool.
(n) something that is ridden
(n)a bastard
(n) something you say to a teacher when your pissed.
Giddy up Swiggy!

I da Swig Master.

Baby Jesus, SWIGGY!
by Kaitlin March 18, 2005
short hand for the name Matt
Yea, the M@ he's so cute
by Kaitlin January 04, 2004
an awesome fuck band from Seattle
Modern Day Emma Goldman
by Kaitlin November 23, 2003

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