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3 definitions by kaiser vinny

Old rotary style desktop telephones used principally today as a discreet weapon in the home. These units have a handhold in the back which adds to superior comfort and control. It has been noted that during successful implementation of this weapon, the unit gives a plesant sounding ring upon collision with the head.
Barry came around the house looking for trouble, so I gave him a taste of the face smashing phone. He ain't comin' round here no more.
by kaiser vinny July 11, 2006
A man who dances using excessive pelvic thrusts and general overuse of his posterior, for the purpose of drawing ladies' (or mens') attention to it.
man # 1: "did you see carl out there on the dance floor"?
man # 2: "yes, he was shaking his ass all over the place"
man # 1: "that guy is a shameless ass dancer all right".
by Kaiser Vinny March 22, 2006
A term used to describe a male prostitute's genitalia. Generally has a positive connotation.
No man-whore has EVER pleased jabba the slut before. Deuce, you must have a magical mangina.
by Kaiser Vinny March 21, 2006