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3 definitions by kairei

Kb: Knowledge Base

- Used by websites to store information pertaining their product and information about it. Usually more detailed than the standalone manual that comes with the product, these are usually used for virus databases, computer technicians, and Microsoft as a whole.
Hey check out support.microsoft.com/, they have a great KB!
by kairei November 14, 2011
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To Emo Out: The act of being horribly depressed; serious for a specified amount of time. To listen to sad music, watch serious television shows/movies about death, thinking bad thoughts.

Past Tense: Emo'd Out
Jake: I think I'm just going to emo out for the weekend and think about life
Henry: ...fag
by Kairei November 12, 2011
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After Food Smoke;

commonly referred to as the best smoke of the day, taken after eating a large, hot meal. (Such as fast food or supper). This also helps to quell the stomach when upset that you're fat ass ate too much in the first place.
After finishing supper...

Guy1: AFS?
Guy2: True
by kairei November 15, 2011
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