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synonyms: Fagex, Jablex, Jafex, The Guys Who Banned My Account

noun: A highly successful company bent on taking over the world. Jagex' primary goal is to document the effects of a communist, totalitarian government on a large mass of people (an average of 100,000 playing RuneScape at any given time). Jagex takes pride in their famed censorship enforcement as well as their multitude of corrupt Player Moderators, simply made Player Moderators because they demonstrate how to follow the rules (and gave MMG head). Andrew Gower, founder of Jagex, is a highly accomplished Marxist Game Developer as well as the 363rd richest person in the United Kingdom. He is also famous for having a neck resembling that of an iguana.

verb: To Jagex means to fill one's day, facebook wall, or blog, or life with many pointless updates aimed to generate a highly negative response.

adjective: Something that is Jagex is something either related to internet trolling, the act of quiffing, or the gay porn industry.
A typical RuneScape coversation:
Mike - Hey dud* where can I find ****** *a****s*?
Peter - Yeah I ***** a **c** with **** yesterday ******t* lumbridge tutor **** with a ********* pot of ******** *** ***** fun.
Johnny - You have to be at least 13 to play RuneScape?!
Pmod - All banned for excessive use of offensive language. But if you apologize I might mute you to make the game even more pointless and piss you off. Viva Jagex and Lenin!
by Kaio Ken X4 April 27, 2010
A world renowned FPS for the XBox 360 (fuck all the other systems that have it). It is widely known for its more commonly used abbreviation, COD4 (pronounced cod four). The true abbreviation is COD4MGFS, or cock of duty 4 modern gay fuck shit
Bill: Hey, Bob, wanna play cock of duty 4 modern gay fuck shit?
Bob: No, not now. I'll stick with Gayho 3.
by kaio ken x4 February 02, 2009
Famous monkey boy Japanese legend and, who is revered by otaku fanboy geeks, is the main character of the original DB and DBZ. His saiyan name is "Kakarrot", although only the true geeks refer to him by that handle. DBZ is one of the most famous manga/anime series ever, especially in the United States. He turns into a huge-ass ape when he looks at the moon and won the runner-up award for "Most Constipated Looking Anime Character", only second to the ruthless Vegeta.
Goku: Vegeta!! These Senzu beans give me a funny feeling in my stomach! I think I have to shit!
Vegeta: Deal with it. The saiyans on planet Vegeta had to shit in ten times the gravity of this puny, miniscule planet!!!
Master Korin: You didn't take those laxatives, did you, boy?
by kaio ken x4 February 02, 2009
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