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A word invented by Kaili B. of Kalamazoo, Michigan ~ a positive random event; spontanious; occuring out of nowhere; seeming to have no reason or purpose.
During the middle of a discussion about helecoptors, Mariah randomly exclaims, "You love me!" Kaili repsponds with, "That was so randomlicious!"

Randomlicious would NOT be a random car crash on the side of the highway.
by Kaili July 05, 2004
My sister; one of my best friends in the world; one of the sweetest people EVER!
I love Jami and wish her all the happiness in the world!!!!

p.s. Hi Rick! :)
by Kaili July 06, 2004
short for "phooey"; term used when something goes unaccording to plan or when something unexpected happens.
"Foo! That wasn't supposed to happen!"
by kaili June 20, 2004
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