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A very short Podcast limited to 30 seconds. Like twitter for Podcasting.
I just subscribed to a microcast that gives me my daily horoscope.
by kaifang June 02, 2009
A film editing technique. Like the "J-cut" or the "L-cut" it's used when the sound occurs prior to or not over the sync visual. Similarly, the definition of a K-cut is when you use sound over black before bringing up the sync image. It's called the K-cut for two reasons, the first because it's used over black and K is the letter designated to black as in CMYK. The other reason is because it's named after the editor who coined this term, Kai.
The use of K-cuts in that horror movie really made it much scarier because it left the visual to the viewers imagination.
by kaifang September 22, 2009
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