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3 definitions by kai azad

A portmanteau of chopsticks and racism, chopstickism is when you go to an Asian restaurant and the server asks Asian people, but not people of other ethnicities, if they'd like chopsticks.
I went to a Korean restaurant today and the server offered all the people around me chopsticks, but not me! I'm so offended by all this chopstickism.
by kai azad December 29, 2006
Mostly applies to emo and hipster kids. Someone is ugly-hot if:
1. You'd hit it.
2. You'd be embarassed if your friends found out.
3. You'd still hit it if they did.
"Look how hot that guy is over there!"
"Are you kidding? Look at that mullet!"
"OK, fine, he's ugly-hot."
by Kai Azad August 20, 2005
What's up, dogslice?
by Kai Azad July 21, 2005