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Once a very powerful priestess and witch who could completely destroy youkai, she fell in love with Inuyasha and became weakened.

About- she was 18 and mature, her job was to fight to defend her village and protect a jewel called the shikon no tama. she could purify anything and destroy some smaller demons with a touch of her hand. she was a natural healer and teacher, wise and righteous - she was like a leader in some ways.

in a trap brewed by the scheming demon naraku, she was forced to believe that she didn't love Inuyasha and they ended up dead. that day, she was unknowingly attacked by a form and had the jewel stolen off her. and then she used her strength at death's door to seal Inuyasha to a tree, thus ending her hate for him.

she went peacefully to her death, taking the jewel with her as this would end everything, even her love. she believed her reincarnation would weave a new beginning and start a new life, leaving the past behind.

Kikyou is very kind, helpful and beautiful. in her heart she has nothing but to help and save people, and getting rid of great evil for the benefit of everyone, including herself.

she was famous for her use of the bow. she was very good at mastering archery and had a sense of maturity that helped her in her tasks. in the Inuyasha series, Kikyou is the best archer... and apparently, any form of master (very good) archery came from her.
Kikyou is a very kikass character. her name means chinese bellflower, a medicinal plant in China.

Kikyou is very pale and good looking for a girl. she has looks men would die for.

Kikyou is very mature for her age.
by kagome kagome April 29, 2007

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his name means Lord of the Dogs (believe it or not)...

he had a human mother (sp?) and a demonic Leader for a father. or is it the other way around, they were both of high social class standing, so Inuyasha sama is also a Lord. some may hate it but u gotta live with some things

he was a wild demon who attacked humans and ate their livestock. he was out of control when he was in his demon form, and only in-check when he was in his human form.

he looks more like a demon than a half-demon cos half demons are half transformed and often look half demon and half human. he is one of the "demons that look like humans" so he is very dangerous and bad (one of the worst).

he is a very powerful demon that does not need special attacks to defend or attack. he is super fast, has a keen sense of smell, and has superhuman strength. one point is his skin is fine but very strong, does not cut by any sharp object or even string of the best quality. once he had a taste for fresh blood but kikyou fed him vegetables to curb this savage craving.

however, he has inherited from one of his parents (sp?) a sort of sympathy for humans, and sometimes this in his heart ties him down, and he doesn't want this feeling to become a burden.

a lot of humans from the villages thought he was scary, but kikyou saw him as a cute fluffy puppy dog. personality-wise, he is very mean to women and often likes to insult people, and women. he has a brother, i think he's called Sesshoumaru the killing blade. he is very stubborn but in other areas he's very good.

apparently he loved kikyou (or was it the other way around) because she was nice to him, and they shared a special bond that could not be broken by the strongest force. they were very close, initially, and often shared same thoughts in the mind. kikyou thought he belonged to her.

he is one of the better looking demons, which is pretty obvious when you REALLY look at him (close up). i mean look at his manners!!! they are so... u kno, refined. but he is nice in some ways
INUYASHA SIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Kagome

Inuyasha... you betrayed me... -- Kikyou
by kagome kagome April 29, 2007

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