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1 definition by kARa....... kara

known as ADHD...or attention defficite hyperactivity disorder. i myself was diagnosed in second grade. it is commonly treated to boys and is harder for girls to be diagnosed. i have been on concerta(which is like ridalin but i only have to take it once a day). i hate being off my medicine because i fidget, i cant concentrate, or write anything without ending up drawing like unicorns or whatever on the paper;)...but dont think ADHD is this big bad disorder...because trust me nobody knows u have it unless u tell them. oh and this isnt a deffintion its more like a....ummmmm a ummmmm personal story or whatever.
I have had ADHD for most of my life, and im still a really cool person!
by kARa....... kara November 21, 2006
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