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4 definitions by k80

Beer. Generally cheap, watery beer, the kind that you often find in a keg.
Hey bro, can you get me another brewski out of the fridgeski?
by k80 January 15, 2009
105 78
v. to force someone to make out with you, through the use of physical force, excessive alcohol, etc.
Person 1: Dude, Adam is such a makeoutrapist. That sophomore last night was so drunk she could barely stand up, she pissed all over the bathroom. He totally tried to makeoutrape her.
Person 2: What a loser. If he was cool, he could get sober girls to make out with him, and wouldn't have to makeoutrape defenseless little girls.
by K80 May 16, 2003
18 4
Men's underwear, especially boxer-briefs, when worn on a girl.
Check it out, I got new manderwear. I put a sock in the pouch and wear them around the house, totally freaks out my family.
by K80 May 16, 2003
6 3
n. The time that the doors open for a show or concert, usually a half hour to an hour before the music starts.
"What time is the show tonight?"
"Doors are at seven, the first band goes on at seven thirty."
by k80 July 16, 2005
8 14