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The faggot big nosed jew named Mike, who also is moonlighting as an Italian on that Viacom show Jersey Shore. He seems to be the most intelligent and hygienic of the bunch.

Has proven to be miles of steps above his roommates where many dead pools have started across the country on which one will be found face down dead from OD, or other. Mike on the other hand has started to distance himself from his no life cohorts by such appearances competing on Dancing With the Stars and reports he ignores his co-show mates at public star studded events. Situation is inside the ropes, where Snooki, demands 25k to show up at places....
I went to Seaside Heights because I wanted to see the Negros fight as usual over fat sluts like Snooki, but got to see The Situation instead and shared a few brews and laughs.
by k1kz October 08, 2010

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