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To pop a boner, get an erection, become engorged.
Usually in already awkward situations, like when dancing at a musical rehearsal, in the middle of class, etc.
In extreme cases, referring to the bruise a girl gets when having to come in close contact with said erect penis.
Jordan: Whoa, look at that guy! On a scale of one to ten, he's a fazio!!
Kaitlyn: Shit son.

Erin: Last night during rehearsal, we were working on leans and fazio really fazio'd me!
Kaitlyn: Shit son.
by k-medi October 19, 2007
A lesbian, usually the token lesbian of a group of people, similar to the token black guy in movies. Also known as The L. Generally acknowledged to be a badass due to lack of emotion. Arch-nemesis: owl.
Person 1: Holy Lord I believe those owls may be raping that girl!
Person 2: It's ok, she's a total kaela.
by k-medi September 03, 2007

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